Over ten years advocating for Autism Awareness & Acceptance

Ella's Hope for Autism has helped countless families and organizations with early autism intervention since 2010 and will continue to advocate for children, teenagers and adults on the spectrum into the future.

Awareness & Inclusion

Acceptance and Inclusion of children living on the spectrum has been a major part of Ella's Hope mission since inception in 2010.

Quality of Life

Another key mission of Ella's Hope since the beginning is improving the quality of life for those living on the spectrum.

Advocacy & Support

Ella's Hope through their events, resource library and ASD projects has given support to families around the state of Missouri.

Ella's Hope is managed and operated by parents who have kids and adults on the autism spectrum, with decades of experience.

Hope McPheeters

Director & Co-Founder

Hope is a co-founder of Ella's Hope for Autism, Bro's Joes and Autism Support Now, LLC and has been working in the ASD field for 15 years.

Vonda Powell

Bro's Joes Co-Founder

Vonda is the co-founder of Bro's Joes and is an active advocate for all people with disabilities, ceasing opportunities for growth and change in the community.

Sam McPheeters


Sam is co-founder of Ella's Hope, and Autism Support Now, LLC. He has worked in the field of ABA for the past six years.

Phil Malone


Phil helps Ella's Hope with business connections, development and fundraising efforts for all new and existing projects.


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