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About the Website is a FREE resource website for parents who have children on the Autism Spectrum. With over 85 ABA how-to instructional videos, works as a reference point for parents to start working with their children. It also gives parents insight to the entire ABA process, so that a greater understanding of therapy is known by each parent.

The website is now looking to bring in more resources for parents, by tapping into Autism and ABA experts from around the region.

The main goal of the project is to offer Parents an online outlet for FREE resources about Autism, ABA and more. Therapy is expensive and we would like to empower parents to help themselves with strategies in the home. We need to raise funding for resources to continue providing quality information and strategies for parents and caregivers for free.


Website includes:

  • Free advice, insight and resources
  • Written Resources
  • Audio Quick Tips and Q & A for Parents
  • Information for Parents with Autism
  • ABA Training Videos for Parents without insurance, or on wait list
  • Ask a Therapist Section
  • 3rd Party Resources from service providers