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Advocates for Early Autism Intervention.

Still In the Running (Pepsi Refresh Project)

The Good News . . . since we finished in the Top 50, our cause was automatically renewed again for this month. And now we are up to 33rd place early on. We made a late push last month, and jumped from 92nd to 42nd in one week to close out the month. Mainly by teaming with other Autism causes around the country.

So please vote again this month. You can vote 3 different ways, every day (facebook, email, text). So we would appreciate at least one vote a day, if possible. The easiest thing to do, is just add it to your outlook or google calendar “as a daily reminder” and then take 30 seconds to vote.

Ways to vote:

1. Direct Link – http://refresheverything.com/ellashope
2. From our site – http://ellashope.org – button at bottom of home page
3. You can now vote by text message – Just text the number 100288 to PEPSI (or 73774) – this may be the easiest way to do it.
***If you choose to vote from your facebook profile, please share with your friends.

Article in the Missourian

In case you guys missed it, or don’t live in Columbia, MO, we wanted to share an article from last week’s Missourian.  They came out to the house, took a lot of great pictures of Ella, and ending up writing a fantastic story.  Here is the link if you’d like to see the article

Thanks again to the Missourian for sharing our story.

Refresh Everything Project Start Today

For those of you who do not know, Pepsi, is putting on the “Refresh Everthing Project” – where it helps fund great causes and ideas each month.  There are a limited number of applications, and several levels of funding sought after.

We are happy to announce that Ellas Hope will be one of the “official entries” for the month of July.  We are entered into the 25k range and need your votes.  You can vote for us “once daily”, so please do so and help us out.  The top 10 causes in each category – receive the funding.  So we need to get there if we can.

If Ella’s Hope, does win, we also have dedicated 20% or $5,000 toward the Thompson Center at Mizzou.  So please go vote and pass the word around on Facebook and Twitter to get the word out.

Thanks in advance.


- Hope