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We appreciate any amount you can offer in donating to Ella’s Hope for Autism. We are thankful for any and all donations we receive. Ella’s Hope for Autism is a 501c3 Public Charity in the state of Missouri, so your donation is also tax deductible. Click on the PayPal logo above to be redirected to PayPal.

Please note if paying by Credit Card

You can pay using a credit card on the PayPal page. To use the credit card look toward the bottom left part of the screen when redirected, and hit the “continue” button next to this area (see graphic).


Our donated funds go to support the following . . .

  • Early Intervention and Diagnosis for Autism
  • Online Support Programs that help Families affected by Autism.
  • Online ABA Training Videos
  • Programs and facilities that provide early intervention services
  • Autism Education and partnerships
  • Advocacy for Autism
  • Autism Walk in Mid-Missouri (Last weekend of Every April)

Thanks again for your continual support of Ella’s Hope for Autism.