What is our Autism Friendly Program

As parents dealing with Autism we’ve all been unsure if “public places” are Autism Friendly or not.   You want to take your child to get their haircut, but have no idea if they have experience dealing with Autism.

Our Autism Friendly Program is our attempt to help business communicate with Parents of children on the spectrum.   It’s almost like a BBB badge – where a business let’s you know they offer good service.  Or they let you know about their track record as a company.   Our Autism Friendly badges are no different.   It will let the ever growing number of parents dealing with Autism – know that it is OK to bring their children into their establishment.  It will also help parents know, which service providers (e.g. – doctors, dentist, etc) have had experience dealing with Autism.

How to get involved

Simple. Tell your current providers, they can print off one of our badges below to help tell other parents on the ASD spectrum – there establishment is an Autism Green Zone. Anyone can get involved. All you have to do is – Click – Print – and Display. A little laminate never hurt either.

Once you have printed off your badge, you can then add your establishment to the Map below, by giving us your basic information.

See below for our different badges. We also have web banners available too (upon request) – just email us and we can whip one up for you.



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